Types Of Common Dissertation That You Need To Know

While writing a dissertation one must know about the types of the dissertation. There are different types of dissertation one may focus on. In order to write a dissertation, you may adopt different approaches like practical or theoretical approach or you may use both. If you are an undergraduate then your supervisor will allow you to choose a theoretical or mainly a practical approach. Any type of research needs a theoretical study and it need to be linked to the world. A theoretical study can be in an abstract form with an emphasis on philosophical, cultural and ethical considerations of the subject. One can emphasize on political, social as well as economic issues. Mainly practical research studies in social sciences are related to surveys, research, observations, case studies or may be regarding existing studies.
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The type of dissertation you are writing depends on the topic you are researching for. You use hypothesis and analytical methods when the type of dissertation is non-empirical. You can use strategy and analysis when the dissertation is non-empirical with examples, has an issue related topic, the questionnaire is used and the type of dissertation is empirical.

An empirical type of dissertation includes data collection method like you can gather the views of patients over surgery, police service or anything else. The data can be collected in many ways including the questionnaire, observations, interviews and focus groups. One can also gather data by taking different approaches like looking at existing data from different angles, drawings, comparisons etc.
If one is using non-empirical dissertation it serves as one of the easiest ways of doing a dissertation. To sustain an argument over your dissertation is a big challenge. If one is enjoying spending time in the library, thinking, reading or discussing theory it will be the right choice for them. If making library your home for several weeks will be difficult for you, it’s better to choose empirical methodology or research question in order to explore your research.
There are many key theories like feminism or pragmatism that can be used as an abstract basis in the dissertation. Different subjects like sociology are part of this type of theory and are valid. Like discussing the theory of pragmatism can be taken as a dissertation topic. The dissertation may draw different theories like in education it can be the philosophy of education. One may choose between empirical or non-empirical dissertation. You may also use different methods of the dissertation.
Sometimes dissertation focuses on laboratory reports and describes all of the aspects of carrying an experiment. Some dissertation topics are based on observation. This is also an empirical study. In some dissertations you may use a type of behavior and type of study is known as an empirical study. In some dissertations, you may use personal reporting and this type of dissertation comes under narrative study. All these types of dissertation are used by students depending on their area of interest.

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