A Rise Of Infidelity Cases In Marriages

To cheat someone in a relationship is known as infidelity. According to a report, almost 40% of American martial couples have to face at least one episode of infidelity during their marital life. That’s why we can observe infidelity as a major factor and conflict behind most of the divorces. Most of the studies have found out the causes of infidelity and they have provided some essential tips to the couples who want to repair their damaged marriage. Here, experts of dissertation writing services will discuss the causes of infidelity cases in marriages along with their impacts.

Causes of infidelity cases in marriages
The most distressing thing in a romantic relationship is infidelity. Some essential causes of infidelity cases in marriages are explained below;

1) Lack of love
Lack of love is a powerful motivation for a couple to cheat each other. Sometimes, there is a possibility that after the marriage, one feels that his/her partner is not for him/her and he/she perceives that he/she is living in a boring and dull relationship.

2) Sexual desire
Sometimes, there is a possibility that a partner is unsatisfied with the sex life and he/she loses interest in the other partner. Under such a situation, they try something new. As a result, they try to cheat their partners.

3) Neglect
Sometimes, a partner feels that his/her partner is not giving enough attention to him/her. Moreover, his/her partner doesn’t like to spend enough time with him/her. This situation can also become a cause of infidelity.

4) Low commitment
It is a fact that for a successful marital life there requires a high level of commitment. If a couple is not able to keep this level of commitment, the low commitment can also give rise to infidelity.

5) Esteem
For a happy marital life, both couples should work for the independence of their social status and popularity. If they don’t pay attention to their social status and popularity, their esteem will be lower. This lower esteem can also give rise to infidelity.

6) Anger
Anger is a common conflict among couples. If a couple doesn’t pay attention to anger, this anger can also become a cause of infidelity.

Effects of infidelity
Due to physical or emotional needs, when a partner goes outside of the relationship, there occur a lot of conflicts. Some of them are given below;

1) The person who cheats his/her partner will lose his/her self-esteem.

2) After cheating your partner, you can’t expect the same level of trust from your partner as before infidelity.

3) If you are spending a happy marital life without any infidelity, you can observe a lot of sense of emotional stability around you. On the other hand, after infidelity, you can face a sense of emotional instability.

4) Infidelity is also considered as a roller coaster of emotions. Its reason is that due to infidelity, there is a possibility that you may feel crying as well as screaming.

5) Extra-marital affairs can’t only affect your marital life but these affairs can last some adverse impacts on all areas of life.
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