How Did Bill Gates And Steve Jobs Change The World?

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs
It is a fact that Bill Gates and Steve Jobs have revolutionized the digital world. They have implemented their ideas into reality. Both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs have fabulous success stories. According to them, they got success in the world due to their determination. In the early stage of their lives, both of them have to face some difficulties because both of them were eradicated from the college. Later on, they became successful entrepreneurs. Here, experts of assignment writing services will discuss how Bill Gates and Steve Jobs change the world.

Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs is an innovator and visionary. With the help of their innovation and vision, he has changed the world. Some essential successes of Steve Jobs are explained below;
  • NeXT: Most of the people try to relate the success of Steve Jobs with the success of Apple only. On the other hand, in 1985, Steve Jobs started his business under the name of NeXT. The main aim of NeXT was to fulfil the computing and other educational needs of the world. Anyhow, he was not able to get enough fame from NeXT.
  • Pixar: In 1986, Jobs invested $5 million in Pixar. With the help of the drive and vision of Steve Jobs, Pixar has become the world’s most famous and largest film studio.
  • Apple: Steve Jobs started to launch his products under the name of Apple in 2001. First of all, he launched the iPod and this iPod replaced the CD drives and radios. Its reason was that with the help of the iPod, it was easy for the people to purchase various songs in the form of a single device. Later on, he introduced the iPhone which has the features of phone and computer. After that, he introduced a touch screen tablet.
  • Charity: The success of Apple has created a charitable nature in Steve Jobs and he denoted millions of dollars to different social welfare organizations.
  • Environment: The main initiative of Steve Jobs to save the environment is to provide environment-friendly products to the people.

Bill Gates
Bill Gates is known for his stunning business ideas and technological advancements. His business ideas and technological advancements have also changed the world. Some essential successes of the Bill Gates are explained below;
  • Microsoft: Microsoft is one of the most famous American multinational technology companies of Bill Gates. The main aim of Microsoft is to manufacture and sell computer software and computer-related services.
  • Post-Microsoft: Bill Gates is also known as the world’s highest-earning billionaire. Therefore, along with Microsoft, he has also started his other businesses like Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. That’s why now, he has stepped down from the chairmanship of the Microsoft and he is an advisor of this company.
  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: Bill Gates decided to donate some of the revenue of Microsoft. For this reason, he has started some foundations and NGOs. These foundations and NGOs are working for the welfare of the people.
  • Bill Gates has also started some charity sports events in order to gather donations for the welfare of the people.
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