How You Can Save Yourself From Delaying In Thesis Submission?

Avoid Delaying in Thesis Submission
Keep still, and write your thesis. This should be the motto of any PhD student out there in their final year. But with chapters to be written, forms to be completed, revisions to be made, and all the countless small (and enormous) tasks required to complete the thesis, a PhD's last months can feel daunting. It's probably difficult to finish a thesis without stress but it doesn't have to be a stressful experience. When you follow a few basic rules and take some time to prepare, you will do it through the last months of your doctoral studies and you might even enjoy it.

If you are working on a doctoral thesis, the value of preparation is possibly already understood. If you weren't quite good at project management and organization, you'd probably not be in the final stages of your PhD But please don't hesitate now. The last few months of your writing-up time will be hectic, so prepare ahead before your submission date for all the major and small things you'll need to accomplish by getting PhD thesis help. Print out all the forms you will need, check it with your university and department well before the deadlines, and start printing well before the day of submission.

But preparation does not only relate to items related to the application. Set up all your significant bills automatic debits so you don't skip the payments. Take a quick look at the calendar and take note of any significant events related to non-PhD-birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, etc.-and make any necessary preparations. RSVP to meetings, buy and sign cards, and even now package gifts. You'll be able to save time and enjoy those special moments without any tension or remorse.

Take Regular Breaks:
Talking of unique moments, make sure you take the time to relax outside the academy and enjoy life. You may feel too pressed for time, but from time to time your mental and physical health needs to step away from the work. Take a break and attend the birthday of a friend (with that present which you wrapped up two months ago). Take brunch with relatives. Go out to the park for a walk. So don't feel bad about spending time on your own. Even half an hour away from your machine, recharging and fuel efficiency can be of use. 

Edit Early:
Hopefully, you've been writing for the last few years while you work, and all of your chapters should have rough drafts by now. Yet also don't push the editing until the last minute. Working right up to the deadline and trying a marathon editing session in the last few weeks can be tempting. So if you're feeling overwhelmed now imagine coming across a whole section in a middle chapter that needs two days before sending additional references. Do it not.

Recall we discussed planning? This will involve an editing schedule, updates, and printing process. And don't forget to keep in mind your adviser(s). You will still want to see final drafts and will need time to read and study them. Ideally, you will spend the last month before your submission deadline on logistics and design, not content.

Get The Help You Need:
But, at this stage, do not rely too heavily on your adviser(s). Changing course or major arguments is too late and negative feedback could ruin your endeavors. Make no worries. Over your lifetime, you can receive plenty of feedback (good and bad), so when you need direct advice from your lawyer, ask for help with editing or re-reading. Or, better yet, ask someone to proofread parts outside of your department and sector. Send chapters round to friends or relatives, and ask them to search for mistakes in grammar or understanding. They'll probably be super impressed with your work's size and depth, and some praise (with a typo-detection side) is just what the future-doctor has ordered. When anything else fails, find someone to hold you and tell you that's going to be perfect. 

Enjoy The Process:
You can laugh and wonder how anyone would enjoy the abject tension and panic that is inevitably a PhD's last week, but there's plenty to enjoy too. Take a step back and note that you barely formulated a research question only a few years ago and now, sitting before you, there are hundreds of pages that address the question. Revel in the praise that experts and lay-folk have lavished on you and your work and take pride in your achievement. You worked hard to get to this point and you deserve to be rewarded as well as satisfied. Then when it's all over do not forget to toast.
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