5 Top Scholarships Programs for International Students in the UK

Scholarships Programs
The increasing demand for international degrees and preference for candidates holding degrees from international universities is making every student wish for studying abroad. When it comes to studying abroad the first preference of students is always the UK. The UK is mostly preferred because of its high standard and quality education. But studying abroad is not very simple. The cost of traveling and living is not affordable for everyone. And increasing inflation is making it impossible to. But thanks to the universities and education department of the UK, they are offering many scholarships for international students every year for assisting them in getting an education and making their dreams come true.

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The Commonwealth Scholarship:

The commonwealth scholarship is a very prominent and important scholarship program offered by the UK Government for international students. It is a fully funded scholarship that is offered by Department for International Development. It is offered for Masters and PhD programs in all disciplines. Students from low and middle-income countries and apply for their scholarships.

Eligibility Criteria
  • The candidate should belong to the member country of the commonwealth.
  • Anyone who is a refugee or British-protected individual can apply for this scholarship.
  • Belongs to a low income or middle-income family
  • Having an upper second class undergraduate honors degree for the Master’s program, and a Master’s degree for a PhD program.
Fully funded scholarships offer tuition fees, airfare, and living allowance.

The Chevening Scholarships:

Every year more than 1500 Chevening Scholarships are offered to the international students for the Master’s Program in the UK. It is also a fully-funded scholarship. This scholarship program aims to support the needy students for getting a quality education, career opportunity in their field of interest and building professional experience in them for helping them to achieve their life goals.

Eligibility Criteria:
Anyone who wants to apply for a Chevening scholarship must be
  • Citizen of Chevening member country
  • Must return to parent country after the completion of award for two years
  • Must have an upper-class honors degree
  • 2 years of work experience
  • Must have applied for admission in three different university courses in the UK
  • Have received an offer of admission

Rhodes Scholarship:

The Rhodes scholarship program is considered the most prestigious scholarship program in the UK. This scholarship is offered for both Masters and PhD programs. Anyone from all over the world who wants to study at the University of Oxford can apply for this scholarship. Annually around 100 Rhodes scholarships are offered to international students for getting admission in any postgraduate program. This scholarship program offers the full fee for two years for the Master’s program. An annual stipend is also given to the eligible student. It also covers health surcharges fee and a tier 4 study visa.

Gates Cambridge Scholarship:

Consistently Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funds the International students in their instructive exercises in the UK. Entryways Cambridge UK Scholarships 2021 is one of the most generously compensated and renowned International Scholarship programs supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. There are around 80-90 completely subsidized scholarships that will be offered to gifted students from various pieces of the world. The point behind the Financial help given by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is to help mankind to improve personal satisfaction and the advancement of society. This program was set up in October 2000 by financing about 210$ US Million from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to the University of Cambridge, UK.

Bristol University Think Big Scholarships:

Bristol University is offering Think Big scholarship program for international students every year. This scholarship program is offered to international students for graduate and postgraduate studies. This scholarship covers the tuition fee for a graduate or postgraduate program. Any international student who has applied for admission to Bristol University can also apply for Bristol University Think Big Scholarship.

Some Other Top Scholarship offered by Universities in the UK:

  • The Royal Society is offering a financial grant for research work by PhD students. The candidate must have a PhD degree and doing research work in the field of Natural Sciences.
  • The Global Study Award is a very popular award that is offered to only 2 international students annually. The candidate must be above 18 years and have an IELTS certificate. This scholarship award offers 10,000GP.
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