Microsoft and Google Teamed Up to Bring New Apps

Microsoft and Google Teamed
It is a fact that Microsoft and Google both are trying to provide the best user-experience to the users. For this reason, they make the necessary changes from time to time. Nowadays, Microsoft and Google are trying to improve the PWA experience of the users across the devices. For this reason, Google and Microsoft are teaming up with progressive web apps. These progressive web apps are available for all the devices including android devices. One of the spokespersons of Microsoft has confirmed this news. He has confirmed this news in a post on the Medium. In this post, he has explained how this collaboration will improve the user experience of the apps across the devices. For this reason, Microsoft is going to launch its first Android app, Surface Duo.

Google and Microsoft will use different developer tools to build these web apps. Microsoft will use the Bubblewrap tool to build these web apps. On the other hand, Google will use PWABuilder tool to build these web apps. After the introduction of these apps, Google and Microsoft will also take advantage of the new features of these apps. They can use these features for showing notifications on the apps. They can also use these features to show shortcuts on the devices. The developers can turn their websites into PWA apps with advanced features and enhanced app-like functionality. These features have made it even easier for the publishers to publish these apps on the Google Play Store.

Web developers can use for the development of web apps. After developing these apps, they can use APK packages to upload these apps on the Google Play Store. When the users install these apps on android devices, the shortcuts of these devices will be created in the android devices. To provide the best user-experience to the users, Google and Microsoft are partnering with each other. They are partnering with each other by using Project Fugu. They are using this project to create new web platform features. In this side collaboration, PWAs is the best proponent. If you want to create these kinds of apps, you should start your project on the PWABuilder.

As told by a masters dissertation help firm, Microsoft and Google are working on this project by keeping in mind that different users are using different devices to use these apps. To provide equal experience to all the users on different devices is a real problem for the developers. Microsoft and Google have solved this problem of the developers. Its reason is that they are providing such opportunities to the developers that are helpful for them to create equal opportunities to all the developers. These apps are almost providing the same experience for mobile users. Anyhow, these apps can’t provide the same experience for web users. By this collaboration, it will be easy for the developers to provide the same user experience to the users on all the devices including mobile and web devices.

Nowadays, developers have developed lots of web-based apps and services for users. The design of these apps is such that these apps can cover as many bases as one can. Sometimes, these apps also provide the best experience on mobile web browsers. We can’t say these apps PWAs. Its reason is that these apps require some underlying OS-specific features. That’s why Google and Microsoft have collaborated. They are trying to join their forces to provide the best user-experience to the users in the form of the PWA apps. Google is using its BubbleWrap tool to develop PWA apps for the Google Play Store. On the other hand, Microsoft is providing PWABuilder tool to build PWA apps for the other play stores.

The most important benefit of these PWA apps is that these apps allow the users to jump directly to the specific section of the app. On the Windows, these shortcuts have appeared in the form of the jump lists. You can easily see these shortcuts by using right-click on the icon of the taskbar. If you want to see the same shortcuts on the android devices, you should hold on the shortcut of the app icon in the android phone. While using these apps, you can also control the appearance of the status bar of these apps. You can change its colour and its colour should be matched with the theme of the app. You can do it just like the regular Android apps.

Google and Microsoft are working hard to provide the best experiences in the form of PWAs apps. They are trying to improve the user experience of these apps for their reasons. That’s why Microsoft is allowing the developers to publish PWA apps on their stores. Google is also trying to use PWA apps for its benefits. It is trying to use this platform for its benefits. The most important benefit of this app is to use these apps for the web. That’s why the PWA package of the Google apps will be available in the form of the web shortcuts. This essential feature of the PWA apps allows the users to bounce back at the right section of the app. You can also use its status bar to change the physical appearance of the apps.

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For this reason, we can also mention the Turrot reports. According to these reports, the support of Microsoft is going beyond the native apps and devices. For this reason, Google is collaborating with Microsoft. As a result of this collaboration, we will see the most progressive apps. These progressive apps will be available for all the devices and you can easily use these apps after downloading these apps from the Google Play Store. For this reason, the developers will have to work on the expanded features. It is easy for the developers to implement these features in their apps with the help of these tools. After this combined effort of Google and Microsoft, the users can use the more progressive apps. This thing is also providing more reasons for the users to use Microsoft toolkit and Google Play Store.
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