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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

All You Need To Know About Three-Minute Thesis Competition

Three-minute thesis competition is also known as 3MT. It is an essential kind of competition which is held in more than 200 universities all around the world. This competition is held on an annual basis. The main aim of this competition is to invite the PhD students and other challenges participants to present their research just in three minutes. This presentation should be presented in an engaging way that it should easily comprehend to the audience members. For the purpose of three-minute competition, we require effective presentation skills, research skills and communication skills. First of all, this competition was held in the University of Queensland in 2008. If you don’t have any idea about three minutes competition, then you can get help from thesis writing services. All you need to know about three-minute thesis competition is given below;

Tips to write three minutes competition

As we have discussed earlier that three-minute competition allows the students to present their research just within three minutes. Therefore, it is a real challenge for the students to summarize their research. Some essential tips to write three minutes competition are given below;

1) The first tip to write a three-minute competition is that you should keep in mind that you are going to write it for the audience members. For this reason, you should try to avoid jargons and to explain the important concepts in your research paper.

2) The second tip to create a monument of 3MT is that you should have a clear outcome in your mind. This thing will provide a clear idea to the students what is the purpose of your research and why you are conducting this research.

3) A 3MT should be presented just like a story. There should be a proper beginning, middle and end of your 3MT.

4) The words, sentences and paragraphs of your 3MT should be as short as possible.

5) Once, you have completed the 3MT writing task, never forget to revise it.

Tips to create your 3MT slides

Before going to create the 3MT slides, you should keep in mind the following tips;

1) You should try to use a single PowerPoint slide.

2) There is no need to use any kind of transition or movement in the PowerPoint slides.

3) You should try to present the PowerPoint slides from the beginning of their oration.

4) There is no need to use sound or video files in your PowerPoint slides.

Tips to practice your 3MT presentation

1) The only way to present your 3MT presentation in an effective way is to practice, practice and practice.

2) While presenting your 3MT presentation, you should keep in mind the vocal range. Your voice should be clear and you should try to use different verities in your voice.

3) Your body language should also be impressive. For effective body language, you should stand straight, you should show confidence, and try to create an effective eye contact with the audience members.

4) Before presenting your presentation, you should try to record and listen to the presentation. This thing will be helpful to remove all the flaws from your presentation.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

10 precautions that every PhD students should follow to avoid rejection of thesis

There are some dos and don’ts that need to be followed if the PhD students are aiming to save their dissertations from getting rejected. One of the main facts that need to be mentioned here is that there are various elements in the thesis that need to be reviewed by the doctorate students in order to save the thesis from being rejected. Here are some things that need to be seen and reviewed; 
1. There are two main parameters based on which the thesis can get rejected by the supervisor. The first main step comes with the research proposal. The second main step is the organization and the compilation of the thesis. The research proposal needs to be written in a brief and a comprehensive manner. Second, the organization of the thesis should be done in a proper manner.

2. It is important that the student write and organize the thesis in accordance to the guidelines that have been laid down by the university. If the thesis is not set according to the university guidelines, it can lead to rejection.

3. The writing and referencing styles that are defined by the university need to be followed. The referencing styles that are generally given by the university include MLA, APA and Harvard. These need to be followed in accordance to the defined rules and styles.

4. That language of the research proposal as well as that of thesis need to be well structured. The nature and the overall level of technicalities linked with the language of the thesis are also according to the demand of the supervisor.

5. The student must pay attention to the topic. The topic needs to be comprehensive. It is to be seen that the topic should not be long and confusing. The rate if confusion is higher when the topic is long. It is important that the topic is short and within the given word limit. The topic should highlight the main aim of the research and the method with the help of which it is to be achieved. One of the main tips for the selection of effective topic is to make sure that effective search is conducted on the literature review. The gaps in the previous research can help in formulating an effective topic.

6. Zero plagiarism is the key to avoidance of rejection of the thesis.

7. The word count of the chapters of the thesis should be in accordance to the given guidelines.

8. The thesis when given to the supervisor needs to be proofread and edited.

9. The deadlines should be kept in mind when the thesis is to be submitted.

10. The writing and the editing linked to the thesis should be in accordance to the demands of the supervisor. One of the main facts that lead to the rejection of the thesis is when the students fail to understand the supervisor.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Recovering from the Fear of Dissertation Writing

If you are a student who has been given to write a dissertation by the teacher and you don’t know how to write a good one on your own, there is no need to fear this writing task. It is because with this paper the teacher wants to check out how well you have learned and if you have actually understood what needs to be done and how. The better you work on your paper, the better results you can expect in the class with teachers’ appreciation and good remarks and there is no need at all to fear this assignment.

The main reason why so many students fear dissertation writing task is their lack of experience as well as their lack of ability to focus on this task and understand what the teacher expects them to do. In such cases, it becomes necessary for students to know how they can recover from this fear of dissertation writing and work on producing top quality and custom papers most easily.

How to recover from the fear of dissertation writing
There are a number of ways with help of which you can recover from the fear of writing a dissertation and look forward working the best way to achieve success in class.

The first and the most important thing for you to know in this regard is that you must give some time and study the guidelines that have been provided by the teacher for dissertation writing. Knowing complete details about the writing assignment will make the task easy to understand and you will be able to tackle it in a better way which will ease your fears as we mostly fear things we don’t comprehend and think they are too difficult to achieve.

Another key thing to help you get rid of the dissertation writing fear is discussing the topic in great detail with your teacher or someone else who you think can help you brainstorm and get a good idea about what to do. When you talk with someone who is confident and can give you a good idea about how to begin the dissertation writing process, you will be able to work in an effective manner without fearing it.

You must make efforts to understand the standard format of writing a dissertation. There are a number of formats that are specified by teachers when it comes to writing a top quality and custom paper on your own. With the right knowledge about writing formats you will have no reason to fear dissertation writing task anymore.

You can recover from the fear of dissertation writing by trying to convince yourself that this is for the good of your future and if you keep fearing it, you will not be able to move forward. You must take a step forward and make efforts to learn what is this assignment all about, why you need to work on it and why it is absolutely necessary to succeed in order to overcome all problems and do well.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Mistakes That You Often Do in Writing Your Assignments

It is the desire of almost all the students to get the best grades by writing the assignments, but as a student, you are not an expert and you have made a lot of mistakes while writing the assignment. Due to these mistakes, you are not able to get the best grades. The main cause of making these mistakes is that you don’t have enough idea to write an assignment. You should try to write an assignment with the help the best arguments and try to support these arguments with the help of valid examples. Here, we will tell you some common mistakes that you often do in writing the assignments.
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The biggest mistake that a lot of students do is to write an assignment in the awkward structure. Its reason is that they don’t have enough idea about the professional structure and format of writing the assignment.
Most of the students are not able to win the interest of the audience. Its reason is that they deviate from the main topic. While writing the assignment, if you want to win the trust of the audience, then all of your arguments and supporting examples should be written by keeping in mind the main theme of the assignment topic.
Another mistake that a lot of students do while writing the assignment is that they fail to connect all the paragraphs of the assignment. This thing can also become the cause of distorting the attention of the audience.
The conclusion is the most important part of your assignment. Most of the students are not able to motivate the audience through the conclusion. Its main cause is that they write some ordinary points along with the main points of the assignment in the conclusion.
Some students don’t pay enough attention to the grammatical mistakes and their assignment contains a lot of grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes.

There are some students who write mind-blowing facts in their assignments, but the problem is that they are not able to support these facts with the help of examples and evidence.
As we know that it is the requirement of all the academic papers that their content must be written with the help of active voice sentences. Some students have writing problem and they use a lot of passive voice sentences in their assignments.

Some students don’t know the difference between the formal and informal ways of writing. Due to this reason, they write assignments in an informal way and this informal way of writing is undesirable to write an assignment.

Some students don’t have enough idea to write a plagiarism free assignment. Due to this reason, they write an assignment with plagiarism.
Due to lack of research skills, some students gather the information from the ordinary resources for their assignments.

These are some mistakes that a lot of students do while writing the assignment. If you have also these kinds of issues, then it is better for you to buy an assignment from the assignment writing services for the best grades.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

How to Create A Strong Conclusion for a Dissertation

A conclusion might be tough about your dissertation. No matter which topic or subject you are working on, without a proper conclusion to bring an end to your paper, your dissertation will not be complete and it will not be graded the right way too. It is because the conclusion will also have a significant conclusion on the readers’ thoughts and ideas about what you have written in the paper.
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In the same way as instruction acts as the bridge that transports he readers from their own world into the creative world that you are creating for them; in the same way the conclusion helps the readers to come back to the present and determine how the experience was for them. It is necessary that you come up with a strong and motivating conclusion that prompts the readers to see why they should remember what you have done and how it will affect them later on.

You must know that a conclusion is your last chance to share your thoughts and ideas on the subject and it will help you convince the readers about what you have been saying and proving in the paper. It works effectively by pushing the boundaries and helps the readers connect to your content on a better level.

This article is a guide as it will help you come up with a strong conclusion for the dissertation and you will be able to impress the readers most effectively by the time you reach the end of the paper.

Here is what you need to do to write a great conclusion:

· A brief summary of what you have already discussed so that the readers can relate to what you are doing

· The conclusion that you have drawn from the summary or the details that have been discussed above in the paper

· Provide information about why your research is so important and how it can make a difference

· Provide recommendations for future research as this is important to support the conclusion that you have drawn from the research in the dissertation

· Remind the readers about the research problem and purpose and how you have dealt with them

· Assess the value and the relevance of the key findings and how they make your dissertation strong so that readers can relate to it

You need to understand that the conclusion does not have to be very long drawn or it will begin to sound boring as it is a re-run of what you have already established. It is the time to confirm your ideas and thoughts and tell readers that you stick to what you have been saying and why they should also agree with your ideas.

When you are working on your conclusion, you must never introduce new points or new ideas as they will only end up confusing the readers and they will not know if they should actually listen to what they have to say. Stick to what you have been saying and convince the readers about your research and theory to come up with a strong conclusion.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Types Of Common Dissertation That You Need To Know

While writing a dissertation one must know about the types of the dissertation. There are different types of dissertation one may focus on. In order to write a dissertation, you may adopt different approaches like practical or theoretical approach or you may use both. If you are an undergraduate then your supervisor will allow you to choose a theoretical or mainly a practical approach. Any type of research needs a theoretical study and it need to be linked to the world. A theoretical study can be in an abstract form with an emphasis on philosophical, cultural and ethical considerations of the subject. One can emphasize on political, social as well as economic issues. Mainly practical research studies in social sciences are related to surveys, research, observations, case studies or may be regarding existing studies.
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The type of dissertation you are writing depends on the topic you are researching for. You use hypothesis and analytical methods when the type of dissertation is non-empirical. You can use strategy and analysis when the dissertation is non-empirical with examples, has an issue related topic, the questionnaire is used and the type of dissertation is empirical.

An empirical type of dissertation includes data collection method like you can gather the views of patients over surgery, police service or anything else. The data can be collected in many ways including the questionnaire, observations, interviews and focus groups. One can also gather data by taking different approaches like looking at existing data from different angles, drawings, comparisons etc.
If one is using non-empirical dissertation it serves as one of the easiest ways of doing a dissertation. To sustain an argument over your dissertation is a big challenge. If one is enjoying spending time in the library, thinking, reading or discussing theory it will be the right choice for them. If making library your home for several weeks will be difficult for you, it’s better to choose empirical methodology or research question in order to explore your research.
There are many key theories like feminism or pragmatism that can be used as an abstract basis in the dissertation. Different subjects like sociology are part of this type of theory and are valid. Like discussing the theory of pragmatism can be taken as a dissertation topic. The dissertation may draw different theories like in education it can be the philosophy of education. One may choose between empirical or non-empirical dissertation. You may also use different methods of the dissertation.
Sometimes dissertation focuses on laboratory reports and describes all of the aspects of carrying an experiment. Some dissertation topics are based on observation. This is also an empirical study. In some dissertations you may use a type of behavior and type of study is known as an empirical study. In some dissertations, you may use personal reporting and this type of dissertation comes under narrative study. All these types of dissertation are used by students depending on their area of interest.