Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Tips to Find a Good Topic for a Dissertation

Find a Topic for a Dissertation
Writing dissertation, research paper and thesis is not an easy task. Students in university take it as a chore. Teachers used to assign students to work on thesis, the faculty gives a supervisor to the students to take help for their thesis write up. Similarly there are some reliable cheap dissertation writing service providers that are able to provide experts help fro writing up dissertations. Sometimes students easily work on their thesis because of good and helpful supervisor and sometimes they fail in doing that because of non- supportive supervisor.

Writing a dissertation and thesis shows that how competent you are. If you will write your thesis with concentration it will show that you are devoted and enthusiastic to your future success as well as your educational success. People reach to this level after facing so many problems and tensions. It is a sort of compliment and honour for people to reach up to this level of their education. But writing thesis or dissertation is not so easy. You may spend months or years to complete it. It is very important for students don't take their thesis lightly.

In university, most of the students face a lot of difficulties to find the perfect topic for their write up. They used to take too much time to find a proper and well defined topic, statement or question for their thesis. There are some tips and step-by-step guideline for students to find a better topic for their research or dissertation, without the wastage of time. First of all you are supposed to read all the dissertation samples that have been written by other students or teachers related to your field. The more you will read articles, sample papers and thesis, the more perfectly you will choose your topic and writing material for your dissertation. After reading you will be able to work on your topic with the different innovative and logical ideas.

Secondly, always work according to your interest. Whenever you choose a topic for your dissertation, spent much time on it so that later you don’t face any problem with it. To get success you need to work positively. You can’t go wrong beyond the things to get success in your life. Thirdly, find all the related literature about your topic of the dissertation. If you have some ideas related to your topic, you just need to read about those ideas to find a proper and authentic information about it. Since this stage of your study is the exploratory and empirical so you need not to stick to one or two articles or research papers to take help about your write up.

To write a literature review you have many books online as well as in libraries, you can always take help from those books to write successful literature review of your dissertation. Fourthly, you need to work on the methodologies of writing your paper or dissertation. After reading other research papers and dissertations, you can easily understand that how to use different methods in your dissertation according to your field.

Monday, March 4, 2019

How To Improve On Capabilities For Better Earning As Ghost Writer

Ghost Writer Capabilities
The person who writes something for someone else is known as a ghostwriter. Mostly, ghostwriters are hired for writing speeches and other literary work. There are also some celebrities and politicians who hire the ghostwriters to draft or edit the magazines and autobiographies etc. This written material is published by another person as a writer. In the music industry, these ghostwriters are hired to write songs and lyrics of the songs. In short, these ghostwriters are required in each creative field. Here, experts of PhD dissertation writing services will discuss some tips which are helpful for the ghostwriters for better earning.

Get experience as a writer: The first thing to get success as a ghostwriter is to get enough experience as a writer. You can get enough experience by writing some interesting blogs and guest posts. After writing blogs and guest posts, you should try to get the reviews of the others and try to overcome your writing mistakes. For the bilingual, it is an important thing to find out some translation jobs. In short, if you are working with the capacity of text, it means that you are growing your experience.

Get enough knowledge about different genres and topics: As a ghostwriter, there is no need to accept that work that is against your interest. Its reason is that it will be hard for you to create quality content about odd topics. For example, if you are a student of English literature and you are asked to write something about scientific theories, it will be impossible for you to create a monument about the scientific theories. Moreover, if you want to improve your writing skills, your reading skills should also be impressive. Its reason is that before writing anything, you will have to read it from different resources.

Select a niche: When you are just at the starting point as a ghostwriter, you should try to do different things. On the other hand, if you want to make a brand of yourself, you should try to select a niche. Its reason is that a niche is commonly known as the unique selling point of a ghostwriter. For example, if you are working for the lyrics, this unique niche will attract the top brands towards your work. In a similar way, if you are writing business books, you will be attracted by the top businessmen.

Improve your research skills: There are some ghostwriters who are asked to write a story and they don’t require enough research skills. There are also some ghostwriters who are working on the autobiographies and other non-fiction autobiographies, if they want to get success in their field, they will have to improve their research skills. Its reason is that they have to get ideas from different resources.

Along with these tips, a ghostwriter should also try to get enough abilities to work on tight deadlines, to follow the instructions of the customers, to market yourself and they should also have enough abilities to run a business.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

How Did Bill Gates And Steve Jobs Change The World?

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs
It is a fact that Bill Gates and Steve Jobs have revolutionized the digital world. They have implemented their ideas into reality. Both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs have fabulous success stories. According to them, they got success in the world due to their determination. In the early stage of their lives, both of them have to face some difficulties because both of them were eradicated from the college. Later on, they became successful entrepreneurs. Here, experts of assignment writing services will discuss how Bill Gates and Steve Jobs change the world.

Steve Jobs
Steve Jobs is an innovator and visionary. With the help of their innovation and vision, he has changed the world. Some essential successes of Steve Jobs are explained below;
  • NeXT: Most of the people try to relate the success of Steve Jobs with the success of Apple only. On the other hand, in 1985, Steve Jobs started his business under the name of NeXT. The main aim of NeXT was to fulfil the computing and other educational needs of the world. Anyhow, he was not able to get enough fame from NeXT.
  • Pixar: In 1986, Jobs invested $5 million in Pixar. With the help of the drive and vision of Steve Jobs, Pixar has become the world’s most famous and largest film studio.
  • Apple: Steve Jobs started to launch his products under the name of Apple in 2001. First of all, he launched the iPod and this iPod replaced the CD drives and radios. Its reason was that with the help of the iPod, it was easy for the people to purchase various songs in the form of a single device. Later on, he introduced the iPhone which has the features of phone and computer. After that, he introduced a touch screen tablet.
  • Charity: The success of Apple has created a charitable nature in Steve Jobs and he denoted millions of dollars to different social welfare organizations.
  • Environment: The main initiative of Steve Jobs to save the environment is to provide environment-friendly products to the people.

Bill Gates
Bill Gates is known for his stunning business ideas and technological advancements. His business ideas and technological advancements have also changed the world. Some essential successes of the Bill Gates are explained below;
  • Microsoft: Microsoft is one of the most famous American multinational technology companies of Bill Gates. The main aim of Microsoft is to manufacture and sell computer software and computer-related services.
  • Post-Microsoft: Bill Gates is also known as the world’s highest-earning billionaire. Therefore, along with Microsoft, he has also started his other businesses like Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. That’s why now, he has stepped down from the chairmanship of the Microsoft and he is an advisor of this company.
  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: Bill Gates decided to donate some of the revenue of Microsoft. For this reason, he has started some foundations and NGOs. These foundations and NGOs are working for the welfare of the people.
  • Bill Gates has also started some charity sports events in order to gather donations for the welfare of the people.

Thursday, January 31, 2019

A Rise Of Infidelity Cases In Marriages

To cheat someone in a relationship is known as infidelity. According to a report, almost 40% of American martial couples have to face at least one episode of infidelity during their marital life. That’s why we can observe infidelity as a major factor and conflict behind most of the divorces. Most of the studies have found out the causes of infidelity and they have provided some essential tips to the couples who want to repair their damaged marriage. Here, experts of dissertation writing services will discuss the causes of infidelity cases in marriages along with their impacts.

Causes of infidelity cases in marriages
The most distressing thing in a romantic relationship is infidelity. Some essential causes of infidelity cases in marriages are explained below;

1) Lack of love
Lack of love is a powerful motivation for a couple to cheat each other. Sometimes, there is a possibility that after the marriage, one feels that his/her partner is not for him/her and he/she perceives that he/she is living in a boring and dull relationship.

2) Sexual desire
Sometimes, there is a possibility that a partner is unsatisfied with the sex life and he/she loses interest in the other partner. Under such a situation, they try something new. As a result, they try to cheat their partners.

3) Neglect
Sometimes, a partner feels that his/her partner is not giving enough attention to him/her. Moreover, his/her partner doesn’t like to spend enough time with him/her. This situation can also become a cause of infidelity.

4) Low commitment
It is a fact that for a successful marital life there requires a high level of commitment. If a couple is not able to keep this level of commitment, the low commitment can also give rise to infidelity.

5) Esteem
For a happy marital life, both couples should work for the independence of their social status and popularity. If they don’t pay attention to their social status and popularity, their esteem will be lower. This lower esteem can also give rise to infidelity.

6) Anger
Anger is a common conflict among couples. If a couple doesn’t pay attention to anger, this anger can also become a cause of infidelity.

Effects of infidelity
Due to physical or emotional needs, when a partner goes outside of the relationship, there occur a lot of conflicts. Some of them are given below;

1) The person who cheats his/her partner will lose his/her self-esteem.

2) After cheating your partner, you can’t expect the same level of trust from your partner as before infidelity.

3) If you are spending a happy marital life without any infidelity, you can observe a lot of sense of emotional stability around you. On the other hand, after infidelity, you can face a sense of emotional instability.

4) Infidelity is also considered as a roller coaster of emotions. Its reason is that due to infidelity, there is a possibility that you may feel crying as well as screaming.

5) Extra-marital affairs can’t only affect your marital life but these affairs can last some adverse impacts on all areas of life.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

All You Need To Know About Three-Minute Thesis Competition

Three-minute thesis competition is also known as 3MT. It is an essential kind of competition which is held in more than 200 universities all around the world. This competition is held on an annual basis. The main aim of this competition is to invite the PhD students and other challenges participants to present their research just in three minutes. This presentation should be presented in an engaging way that it should easily comprehend to the audience members. For the purpose of three-minute competition, we require effective presentation skills, research skills and communication skills. First of all, this competition was held in the University of Queensland in 2008. If you don’t have any idea about three minutes competition, then you can get help from thesis writing services. All you need to know about three-minute thesis competition is given below;

Tips to write three minutes competition

As we have discussed earlier that three-minute competition allows the students to present their research just within three minutes. Therefore, it is a real challenge for the students to summarize their research. Some essential tips to write three minutes competition are given below;

1) The first tip to write a three-minute competition is that you should keep in mind that you are going to write it for the audience members. For this reason, you should try to avoid jargons and to explain the important concepts in your research paper.

2) The second tip to create a monument of 3MT is that you should have a clear outcome in your mind. This thing will provide a clear idea to the students what is the purpose of your research and why you are conducting this research.

3) A 3MT should be presented just like a story. There should be a proper beginning, middle and end of your 3MT.

4) The words, sentences and paragraphs of your 3MT should be as short as possible.

5) Once, you have completed the 3MT writing task, never forget to revise it.

Tips to create your 3MT slides

Before going to create the 3MT slides, you should keep in mind the following tips;

1) You should try to use a single PowerPoint slide.

2) There is no need to use any kind of transition or movement in the PowerPoint slides.

3) You should try to present the PowerPoint slides from the beginning of their oration.

4) There is no need to use sound or video files in your PowerPoint slides.

Tips to practice your 3MT presentation

1) The only way to present your 3MT presentation in an effective way is to practice, practice and practice.

2) While presenting your 3MT presentation, you should keep in mind the vocal range. Your voice should be clear and you should try to use different verities in your voice.

3) Your body language should also be impressive. For effective body language, you should stand straight, you should show confidence, and try to create an effective eye contact with the audience members.

4) Before presenting your presentation, you should try to record and listen to the presentation. This thing will be helpful to remove all the flaws from your presentation.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

How To Get And Spend Student Loan In UK

A student loan is an important type of the loan that the students can avail for the purpose of paying the school, college or university fees, tuition fees, to bear the living expenses, and to bear the expenses of books. A student loan is different from the other kinds of loans in many ways like its interest rate is lower and its repayment schedule is also different from the other kinds of loans. The laws and methods to get the student loan are also different in different countries. Here, we will discuss the most important tips and methods to get and spend the student loan in the UK.

Tips to get a student loan in the UK

No doubt, to bear the expenses of your studies in the UK is a real challenge for you. By keeping in mind this problem of the students, you can achieve a lot of UK student loan opportunities. For this purpose, you should try to follow these simple steps;

1) To get a student loan in the UK, a finance online account is required. First of all, you should try to set up such an account.

2) After setting the finance online account, you should log in to that account and try to complete the online application form for the student loan that is available on this website.

3) While completing this online form for the student loan, you will have to include your household income. You should try to include this income correctly. Its reason is that later on, this household income will be confirmed by your parents or partners.

4) After completing that form, you should try to send it for the proof of identity.

5) After confirming your identity, you can enjoy an opportunity of getting a student loan. Your identity will be confirmed usually within 6 weeks only.

Guidelines to spend student loan in the UK

After getting a student loan in the UK, it is also a crucial stage for the students to spend this loan in a careful manner. The best guidelines to spend student loan in a careful manner are explained below;

1) First of all, you should try to prepare a complete budget for your studies and try to adjust this budget in the available amount.

2) During your academic career, sometimes, you will have to buy some academic papers in order to get the best grades. In order to limit your budget, you should try to buy these academic papers from an affordable academic writing service.

3) You should try to provide priority to your essential outgoings only. In these essential outgoings, there comes to school, college or university fees, accommodation expenses, and food expenses.

4) You should try to note down all of your spending on a spreadsheet, notebook or an app. After noting down your daily spending, you will also be able to limit your unnecessary desires and needs.

5) To avoid temptation while buying the things with the help of a student loan is also an important thing to limit your budget.

6) There is no need to spend your student loan on those things that are not related to your education like travel, clothes, business, and eating out.

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Some Best Tips to Write Your Dissertation Methodology Section

The process in which data is collected in order to write a dissertation is known as a research methodology. There are two basic ways to gather the data for your dissertation. The first way is known as the qualitative research methodology and the second way is known as the quantitative research methodology. The research methodology provides us with a set of the theoretical as well as systematic methods to gather the data. The dissertation research methodology is helpful for us to find out the implications of the study, to find out the desired goals and outcomes of a dissertation, and to provide the possible answers to all the research questions. Here, we will provide the best tips to the students that are helpful for them to write down the best research methodology.

1) Problem

The basic aim of a research methodology is to follow the literature review of your dissertation. Therefore, the first step of the dissertation research methodology should describe the main purpose of the dissertation with the help of the possible research questions. This thing is helpful for the students to regain the attention of the audience.

2) Approach

As we have discussed earlier that there are two research approaches in order to gather the data for your dissertation. You should try to select one of them and provide a complete detail about it in the dissertation research methodology. If you are not able to select the best research methodology for your dissertation, then you can get help from the dissertation writing services.

3) Reproducibility

The basic aim of writing down the research methodology in your dissertation is to show the audience that you have a solid plan in order to reproduce the required outcomes and the results of a dissertation. This thing is helpful for the students in order to increase the credibility and the usefulness of the research methodology.

4) Precedence

It is a fact that there are a lot of dissertations are also written relevant to your dissertation topic. You should try to provide a comparison of your research methodology with the research methodologies of the other dissertations. This thing is helpful for the audience to get an about the authenticity of the research methodology.

5) Justification

When you are going to select a particular research methodology for your dissertation, then you will have to provide some solid reasons. You can’t select a particular research methodology for your dissertation without providing the solid reasons. These solid reasons should also be written in the research methodology chapter of your dissertation.

6) Rationale

Before going to write down and select the research methodology for your dissertation, you should try to take a review of at least 5 to 6 research methodologies of the dissertation that is relevant to your dissertation topic. Write down their pros and cons and provide a complete justification that your research methodology is exactly according to the requirements of the dissertation.

Along with these things, it is also an unavoidable thing for you to provide a complete detail about the reliability and validity of the research methodology, the best sampling techniques, appendices, and generalizations of the research methodology in this important chapter of the dissertation.